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Well, my question is regarding the recommended motor oil for the SRT4. I live in Royal Oak, MI (20 min south of DCTC in Auburn Hills). The manual recommends 5W30 year-round for our climate. What would be the pros/cons to using 0W40 oil? What are the considerations when using it (if any)? I usually allow 3 min of warm-up time. Mobil 1 recommends it for all turbocharged cars.

There is a european theory that this car was developed around 0W40 but most people in North America don't understand what a 'warm up' process is. They just slam the car into gear and mash the gas before it's even started! Thus, why most cars in NA have 5W30 or 10W30 recommended. (Crossfire uses 0W40, but is mfg'd in Europe)

BTW, 0W40 did get rid of my hard-starting issues.

I would jsut like the mfg'r to clear this up, because it's such a unique vehicle to the DCX product offering. THANKS!
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