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Turbo Toys for Stage 2/3 PCM
I'm selling the turbo toys that came with my Stage 2. I am going another route and have no need for them. They are brand new in the bag still. If you can get ahold of a stage 2/3 pcm and are wanting the toys, this is a deal. You can not buy the toys by themselves through Mopar, and purchasing stage 2 or 3 will take weeks if not months to arrive (mine took 2 1/2 months to arrive). Any questions at all, feel free to PM me. Good luck and thanks for your time.
Item Name: Turbo Toys for Stage 2/3 PCM
Seller: heavylifter_52388
Auction Type: Auction & Buy it now
Buy It Now Price: $600
Current Price: $500.00
Payment Method:
Time Left: This auction has been completed!
Bids: 0
High Bidder:
Shipping To: Domestic
Domestic Shipping: $18
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