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Default How-To: Change Head Light Bulbs & Side Markers

Don't you just hate the orange sidemarkers, and them cross-eyed inner bulbs in the headlights, well now here is your salvation! Let me hear an amen! Just kidding. I know this isn't really a difficult procedure, but there are some things to watch out for, so, since I'm bored, I might as well create a how-to. This is my first how-to so don't flame too much now. so lets get started.

8mm socket (all bolts are 8mm)
ratchet (or whatever it is in the picture)
3157 bulbs (or 3057)
194 bulb
new sidemarkers (if you want)

1. Pop the hood. duh! remove the bolts

2. Remove these 2 bolts holding the headlight bracket.

3. Pull the front bumper back and kinda wiggle the headlight out.

Pull the bumper back enough to let this yellow box I drew out through.

4. This is the back of the headlight housing. Green is the headlights, pink is the inner blinkers. Twist em out. Pull the bulb out and push the new ones in.


5. This is how the side markers look like from the inside.

There is a little tab circled for you. pull it out in the direction that is arrowed. Once it is out, poke the sidemarker out from the little nipple there. Change the bulb if you want same way as the headlight. When you install the new (or same) sidemarker, insert the side of the marker that has an L-shaped tab in first, then push in the nippled side in and secure with the same tab as you just removed.

6. Replace the headlight by inserting the outside of the housing in first, then the inside by pulling the bumper out again.

7. your done!! heres a little before and after.


Both lights are exactly identical, so there is nothing different between them. Just F.Y.I, it took me by far longer to write this how-to than it is to install all the bulbs and sidemarkers.

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simple enough. should NOT be a sticky.
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