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SRT-4 AGP Twin Scroll V Band Turbo Upgrade Kit, Product Release

Since we released our Neon SRT-4 Twin Scroll manifold back in 2012, we've received many requests to make a complete kit based around this twin scroll manifold. Well kids, it's now been released.

The heart of AGP’s twin scroll turbo kit is our CAD engineered T3 frame twin scroll manifold that pairs runners 1 and 4 together and runners 2 and 3 together in order to match exhaust pulses and keep them separate all the way to the tip of the turbine wheel. By properly separating the cylinder pulses, the energy is harnessed and applies more initial torque on the turbine wheel without opposing gasses interfering like an “open” manifold. The AGP Turbo twin scroll kit spools faster than any other turbo kit that runs an open manifold design. The manifold is a cast silicon moly material and final CNC machined in our facility in Tempe, Arizona.

Exhaust pressure is kept under control by Turbosmart's Ultra Gate 45mm external wastegate and is VTA (vented to atmosphere) to keep turbine efficiency as high as possible. People may say you need twin wastegates to keep the twin scroll model effective, but this need not be the case in our design. The wastegate port on the manifold is divided all the way to the wastegate valve, thus still keeping the paired runners completely divided.

The twin scroll turbine housings we use in this kit have a 3" V Band outlet connection so no more need to deal with those pesky 4 bolts backing out over time. Additionally, we include a complete dual v band o2 housing that will require you cut off your 4 bolt downpipe flange and weld on our included V Band flange. This is very simple, just cut off the downpipe flange, slide on our flange, and weld it up. Any exhaust shop or welding shop can handle this, most likely for $20. The backyard mechanic with a wire feed welder can accomplish this task without issue. As a service to our customers, if you would like to send us your downpipe, we can do this modification at no additional charge. V Bands are far superior to bolted flanges and you will not have to ever deal with broken bolts, seized nuts, or blown out gaskets. We designed this correctly.

Turbine housing options include a .75, 1.00, and 1.25 A/R. This should be self explanatory by now since you are all turbo experts, but we'll go over it again. A smaller A/R will spool the turbo up quicker, however it will restrict top end power. A larger A/R will spool up slower, however will give you more top end power. One thing you do not want to do is pick a large turbo and restrict it with a smaller A/R housing. If you choose an option that we feel isn't a good combination, we will notify you that you're wrong and that we won't put together that combination. Most customers are going to pick the 1.00 for mid power ranged turbos.

Speaking of turbos, like all of our turbo kit offerings, we give you a broad choice. Since so many of these turbos are so similar in spoolup and overall power, it's hard to really go wrong with a choice. We do understand that our customers have their turbo brand preferences, so we will give you that choice. Below is a quick guide to power levels. If you need more information about the particular turbo's specifications, search our website for the information, shoot us a message on Facebook, or give us a call.

If you want our opinion on best bangs for the buck and great power output and drivability, here's a little bit of advice.

Stock engine, mid 400whp max: Choose a Borg Warner S251sx in a .75 A/R housing

Stock engine, maybe some cams and head work 475-500whp max: Choose a Borg Warner S256sx or S256rs in a .75 or choose the billet wheel option and throw it in a 1.00 A/R.

Built block, little head work, cams 550-600whp max: Choose a Borg Warner S256rs with a billet wheel, or Borg Warner S257 FMW in a 1.00 A/R.

Built block, maybe a stroker, all the fixings 600whp +: Choose a Borg Warner S261rs or a Precision 6262SP in a 1.25 A/R. You can certainly choose larger turbos than what we recommend, however these turbo options will get you in the 700whp range, so that should cover most of you.

All kits will be ceramic coated; manifold, turbine housing, o2 housing, and dump tube can be coated black, gold, or silver. You can also choose to polish the compressor housing.

Kits will include all hardware necessary to bolt on to your car. Nuts, bolts, studs and gaskets where necessary, oil feed and drain lines, water line kit (when applicable with a water cooled turbo). We aren't hiding anything with this kit. Just like our other kits, you will need an external BOV kit (unless you choose the EFR), and a 3" intake (possible with a 4-3 reducer depending on turbo inlet size), or 4" intake.

At this time, we are only making 5 of these kits to gauge interest. Order away! Starting at $1999.

SRT-4 AGP Twin Scroll V Band Turbo Upgrade Kit - AGP Turbochargers, Inc. Store

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No doubt. I am going to change out my single scroll log manifold for one of these with my PTE5858. Looks pretty promising. I will post up my results when it hits the track and the rollers.
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SRT-4 AGP Twin Scroll V Band Turbo Upgrade Kit, Product Release

Has anyone tried this system out yet? I just ordered the AGp twin scroll system with a PTE 5931 1.00 a/r. I have been challenged by my brother in Houston, TX to a race at TX2K against his Evo9 that will be running an FP Black with stock bottom end and some top end bolt-ons. Rules are pump gas and W/M only. Trying to hit close to 550whp. I have an 03 NSRT with all bolt-ons and its due for a rebuild in engine and trans. Any suggestions for vendors or list of shops in Houston, TX where I can get the work done? I really don't wanna ship it to Nigel or Darrell because of time constraints and they are half away across the country. Unless of course they wanna work out some sort of deal here. I am travelling for work and I don't have the time to do it myself. deadline is 3/1/2015 tuned and running.

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