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Zenkat December ROTM

Well, first time i've been nominated for this (Thanks by the way). Didn't think it would ever happen as I never considered my car to be note-worthy.

I've owned her since 4/16/2004, and she only had 21 miles on the clock when i test drove her at Ferndale Dodge in Michigan. I've done most of the BS mods people do since this car was released. Springs, MBC's, WGAs. Then moving onto a Dtec piggyback and return line, and later a DSP and custom tuning.

Car's always weird tuning problems (mainly a hatred of pump and lots of knock). Dunno why. She just likes being a temperamental bitch i guess. Still love her, but wow does she test my patience sometimes.


Onward to the extensive list of mods! (this is mainly copy-pasted from a .doc i use for car-shows to keep track of mods on my show-board)

- Mopar Stage 1 Computer
- MAP EF1 Stage 3 Turbo, Stealthed
- ACT HDSS clutch
- 1025cc @ 58psi Siemens Injectors
- Ported Exhaust Manifold, Ported S3 O2
- 12lb AGP Internal WGA
- SDK 55mm Ported Throttlebody
- SDK Ported Intake Manifold and Hondata Gasket
- Ported Delta Oil Adapter and Oil Pickup Tube, Oil Cooler Removal
- DCR Oil Flow Modifier
- Balance Chain Removal
- 3 Bar Map/Tip Sensors
- AIS Bar+Plate/Cast Endtanks Big Frontmount Intercooler
- Exhaust Depot Full 3" Turboback Exhaust
- K&N Typhoon 2.5" Intake w/X-Stream filter
- Fuel Returnline + Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
- Bosch 044 Intank Fuel Pump w/ Fuel Pump Rewire
- 6an Fuel Feed Line, Fuelab 828 6 Micron Filter
- Brisk RR14S Silver Racing Sparkplugs at .030
- Mopar Performance Plug Wires
- JMB Blue Plugwire Heatshield
- AGP Catchcan + Bwoody Checkvalve
- BWoody Blue Solid Motor+Trans mounts
- Mopar Shortshifter & Booger Bushings
- Diablosport Predator, 27psi on e85, Tuned by TruDynoSports
- Innovate Motorsports SSI-4 Datalogger
- Techgauges KR/IAT/BTDC Gauge
- AEM UEGO Digital A/F Gauge
- VEI Blue Digital Boost Gauge
- 180 Degree Thermostat
- N2MB WOT BOX w/ 2-Step Launch Control

Appearance Interior
- Custom Switch Panel for LED Lighting
- Blue LED Dome and Trunk Lighting
- Blue LED Floor Lighting
- Blue LED Custom Cupholder Lighting
- Red LED Sound-Activated Speaker Lighting
- Red on Blue 'Dodge Stripes' Steering Wheel Badge
- ND4SPD Blue LED Door and Sunroof Switches
- Custom LED OEM Glovebox Lighting
- Custom Blue Lighted Cluster/HVAC Gauges and Controls
- 2 Pod A-pillar and Custom SRT-4 AEM Gauge Overlay
- Custom "SRT-4" Engraved Aluminum Shift Knob
- 15% Tint on Side and Back Windows

Appearance Exterior
- Red "2.4L Turbo" Hoodscoop Sticker
- Red on Blue 'Dodge Stripes' Front Badge
- Red on Blue "Lyvv Racing" Stickers
- Front Bumper Mesh Removal
- Blinglights Blue LED Halo Foglights, Smoked
- Smoked Sidemarkers w/ Blue LEDs
- Custom Painted Engine Bay
- Redline Tuning Gas Hood Struts and Prop Rod Removal
- ND4SPD FX-R 6000K Retrofit Projectors w/Black Housings
- Red LED Demon Eyes
- Red LED Scanner Hoodscoop Lighting
- Blue LED GTI Projector Shrouds
- Blue LED Intercooler Lighting
- Blue/Red LED Engine Bay Lighting
- Blue LED Door Puddle Lights (all 4)
- LED Bulb Replacement for Tails, Map, License, Turnsignals
- Rolled Rear Bumper
- Rockblocker Vinyl Taillight Tint
- E-blue Shorty Antenna

- Panasonic CQ-HR1003U Touchscreen CD Receiver + iPod Connection
- 6.5" Kenwood Component Door Speakers + Sail Panel Tweeters
- 6x9" JL Audio 3-ways in the Rear Deck
- 120w Rampage Amp
- Kicker Substation KS80

- 17x7 NEXO PX-5, Gunmetal with- 225/45/17 BFG g-Force SportComp 2's
- 15x7 Rota Slipstream, Black with- 24.5/8.5/15 M&H Drag Slicks
- 15x7 Drag DR33, Gunmetal with- 235/60/15 M&H Street/Strip DOTs

- Hotchkis Front and Rear Sway Bars
- Mopar Stage 1 Springs
- Mopar Stiffened Rear Tension Bars
- Perf. AutoWerks FMIC Bumper Reinforcement
- Prothane Lower Control Arm Bushings
- Filled Suspension Tophats
- Modified Spring Perches for Tall Tires


Life Story!

I've been abusing her pretty steadily since i got her. I've had the luxury of a 2nd car in the beginning of her life, as well as a job where i work from home, so miles are kept to a minimum. Just under 64k right now. Soon as she was broken in, i took her to 131 Raceway in Michigan to see what she could do.

Best stock times came out to 14.01@99.97 (Various low 14's, never trapping above 99)

When i installed S1 in 2004, i saw a decent power gain and finally broke 13's, running 13.67@101.5 as my best.

MBC and WGA in 2005 brought the times down and the speeds up, but not by a whole lot. Then i had Realtune install a DTEC FC/BC and return line in 2006, and dial it in. It dyno'd 279hp and ran 13.0-13.2 trapping 106-108 with a little 100oct in the tank to keep away knock.

Fell out of the car game for a few years as i moved to Arizona in 2007 from Michigan, and had to find new friends, etc. Also, car absolutely hated the switch to 91 piss gas from 93-94 octane in Michigan. I could not for the life of me re-dial in the Dtec to cut down on the knock. The car was seeing a minimum of 6 counts, and as high as 12 counts on my scangauge. I did the best i could dialing back the boost and adding fuel. I refused to track it because i felt like it would blow up if i attempted it.

Enter 2009! The year i started taking my car to car shows, and the use of a DSP instead of my Dtec. It felt so good that i could finally control the timing and floor the car without worry. But, pump gas was definitely holding the car back.

Enter 2010! And my dabbling in the ethanol arts (as well as the beginning of my custom tunes from TDS). My car has always shown an addiction to high octane. Even in Michigan it knocked on 93, and i'd constantly run Torco booster, or race gas, or toluene just to settle it down. I started playing a mildly dangerous mixing game by throwing in a little e85 and turning up the fuel on my DSP to see how the car would act. Car LOVED it. So, what to do? Get injectors and a new custom tune from TDS of course!

Things moved pretty quickly from 2010 til now. Having discovered the wonder of LEDs, my car is now relatively decked out in them. With e85 and Diablosport, my car has seen significant power gains. I've always been a fan of sleepers, and love to be an underdog. Many people believe you need a big turbo to even remotely compete with relatively fast cars. I wanted to prove otherwise.

Oct 2010 was a great turning point. LCR brought out competition for the E1. A big16g BWS at a stellar price ($400 new). I had a turbo that looked stock, yet managed to dyno 370 on Duster's e85 tune.

I set the stock-frame (no nitrous) record at 11.69@120.2 which i have yet to see someone match. (Props to the 11.73@115 new bone stock turbo). I'm sure the LCR could have touched 11.5x but i was having ignition issues, and ALWAYS a lack of proper traction in 1st at the track. (I feel like track prep in the valley is always sub par to everywhere else in the country...)

Sadly, like most bws, it couldnt live with the abuse. 7k miles later and it started smoking on decel after WOT runs. Decided to get a 18g from Mole'. Mole' takes 15 years to get turbos out, or maybe DCR does, whatever the case, I'm not running a Mole' turbo. I've felt for the last few years that the BEST turbo setup on a stock block is a big wheel S3. Being always short on money it seems, i could never afford one.

Decided to get one anyway thanks to MAP's group buy. I had them make me an EF1, fully ported sans MAP plaque and mopar lettering. Another stealth underdog setup. Some people know about it now. Most still don't. It looks so stock'ish with a K&N Typhoon, AGP WGA, and heatshield that most dont question it.

Stock clutch put up with all the abuse on the LCR turbo and very very rarely slipped, but really started baulking when the S3 went on. So, in went the ACT HDSS (which also slips after heavy track abuse, FML).

Cylinder 4 is down 20psi, and my factory axles are starting to spray grease on the underbody and engine. Car continues to need TLC.

Sorry, that was kind of a novel.

Now for some chronological pictures


Acquisition of the badass AIS intercooler in 2005

New shoes in 2006 (NEX-O PX5 with Yoko Advan Neova AD07 tires)

My 2 cars before moving to Arizona

Dyno'ing 345 on messed up fuel pressure Nov 2010

The ricer show lighting setup, hood up

With the hood closed

Car show this year

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Various pictures to enthrall you.

LCR Big 16g vs stocker

Best LCR time

Mole's turbo (on my shelf)


Best EF1 times

Car at Waterford

Car at Grattan

Neon 2005 - Milan Dragstrip

Speedworld, Aug 2012

Firebird, Jan 2012

Lastly we cant forget: LCR BWS vs MAP EF1 dyno!


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Car looks good man

Don't like the neons but other than that no complaints

Go to wikyd-performance.com for all of your srt4 performance needs. Contact jtm0n3y or wonderer86 for more info

http://www.srtforums.com/forums/f416...-parts-639326/ my for sale thread
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Car looks fantastic... How much boost? what rpm you shifting at?
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Steve has one of the fastest and cleanest srt4 here in az and on that mole 18g like I said if you still have in a few months ill buy it
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You have my vote! Alway though your ride was badass!

2004 Black Srt4 -
OLD setup - 11.6 @ 125mph with a 1.8 60' 5500' DA - S3 Stock longblock

Current setup:
E85, 56mm, Ported 1+2+, Built & Strapped....
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nice car man! good luck!

Corn Fed
PTE Powered 6262
480whp 430wtq 28psi Stock Long Block
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Car looks good man! Good Luck sir!

2001 Dodge Neon/SRT Swap
Follow me on Instagram @CarbonFetish

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That car oozes personality, you've made a steady continuous process of impressive upgrades.
Proven on the track - HUMILIATING 03redsrt4 (now NICK).
Healthy horsepower and torque readings, and trophys to boot!

YOu'll get a vote from me. More photos would be most welcome.

I tried to "negative" vote 03redsrt4 a while back, I tried to remove votes he had, but the software blockedk me.
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Man those are some great numbers!!!! Its good to see a car that is built for both the track and auto x.... good luck bro!!!

www.carolinasrt.com member #11

30psi.... oh ****
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Car looks great always been a fan of yours Good luck you will get my vote. I will PM you I picked up MAP S3R also debating the set up tho.....

05 Stone White FTW
3"TB HPRacing Exhuast nocat, 3BarM/T, DSP+Zetronics sys, 1025cc, Boomba FR, Wally255+BNF+RL, AGP CCw/CV 2ndCC, SDK MM's&TM, H-Brace TB, New STG3, w/Meth M-05 nozzle 60M/40w
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great looking car
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good luck!!! nice car!!! sweet times.....

TUNED By MindMelt101
MyBuild Thread
10.99 @132.23 1.70 60ft 27 psi
Need Fuel setup ideas click here
Props go out to:
Mindmelt101, Tuner Geeks, Act, Wikyd Performance, Pwerks
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My srt was e blue....but very nice car ..good luck
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Cool story. You've got my vote.

I'm hoping to get your BWS dyno/track numbers out of my unmolested S3.

-Dave '05 SRT-4
Stage 3 on e85 = 380/407 whp/tq | 11.96 @ 124
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