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Default **** READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - SRT4 12v FAQ and INFO ****

General SRT4 Car Audio Information:
Front Dash Speakers: 3.5"
- 1" Tweeter with 3.5" mounting bracket

Front Door Speakers: 6.5"
- 2 1/4" mounting depth max

Rear Deck Speakers: 6x9"
- Unlimited mounting space

- The output is controlled by the factory computer.
- 56029915AB 2003 factory alternator ALTERNATOR - 160 AMP (BAB)
- 56029701AB 2004 factory alternator ALTERNATOR - 136 AMP (BAZ)
- 56029701AB 2005 factory alternator ALTERNATOR - 136 AMP (BAZ)

Battery Information
-Battery Information and Discussion

Any Headunit that fits a regular neon fits the SRT4.
- Single DIN
- Double DINs require modification: How to: Double Din Navi

Kicker Livin' Loud Specifications:
- All speakers upgraded however still powered from the OEM radio.
- 6 Disk CD Changer below HVAC controls.
- Subwoofer is 10" and is amplified by a 100 watt amp @ 1 ohm and the box is 0.68 cubic feet.
- You CANNOT keep the Kicker factory 6-disk with an aftermarket headunit
- You CAN however, keep the Kicker System (minus the 6 disk changer) with an aftermarket headunit.
- It's already tied into the stock wiring harness, so the aftermarket harness will hook it right up.
- Kicker amplifier info/specs: Fyi Kicker Amp information

In order to use a MP3 player with stock Headunit
- You must buy the auxiliary input adapter.

In order to use the stock headunit with an aftermarket amplifier
- You must buy a LOC (Line Out Converter) which takes the signal used for a speaker and transfers it to RCA's for the amplifier to use.
- You do not have to give up rear speakers to do this, you are just tying into their signal.

There is NO single best Subwoofer combination!
- All subwoofers fit different needs, whether it be SQ or SPL.

SRT4 Specific
Aftermarket Harness Wiring Chart:
-**aftermarket Harness Wiring Chart***
-Radio Connector Pinout

Headunit Install:
-How To: Install Jensen Flip Up Head Unit

Front Speaker Install:
-Front Speaker Install How-To

Front Speakers - Components v. Coaxials:

Front Speaker Wire Pass Through for Door Instructions:

Rear Speaker Install:
-Rear Speaker Install-How To

SRT4 Big 3 Install:
-**Big 3 Pictures**

Kicker Livin' Loud Subwoofer Replacements:
-Livin Loud Sub Replacements

Installing Kicker Livin' Loud Subwoofer:
-helllppp!! kicker sub

Installing Kicker Livin' Loud - All speakers and Subwoofer:
-Kicker Installation Files

Auxiliary Input Adapter for Stock Headunit (cannot have kicker system):

HOW-TO Install the AUX Input Adapter:
-How to Install an Ipod / mp3 adapter for the stock radio

HOW-TO Install the Iphone and Ipod Integration Adapter:
-iPhone / iPod Integration to Factory Deck

Tweeter Locations:
-Tweeter location?

How to Run the Power Wire for Amplifiers:
-How do you run your Power wire?

Battery Information:

HOW-TO: Rear Battery Relocation (with cutoff switch)
-HOW-TO: NHRA/ IHRA Approved Battery Relocation

Custom Enclosures in the SRT4:

3.5" Dash Speaker and Tweeter Mounting Information:
3 1/2in speaker in the dash?

Sattellite Radio Antenna Mounting Locations:
Satellite Radio Antenna Mounting...

Subwoofer Review Thread:
Subwoofer Review Thread

How To: Remote Key FOB Programming
How-To: Remote Key Fob Programming!

Member Kicker Speaker Change
Upgrading my stock Kicker system

General Audio Threads:
Bass Song Thread:
Tips for bass songs

Big 3 Wiring Mod:

Woofer Wiring Wizard:
Rockford Fosgate® - Woofer WiringWizard

Enclosure Calculator:
RE Enclosure Calculator

Differences in Box Types:

Free Ported Box Plans:

Stereo Tuning 101:
stereo tuning 101

Setting Gains:

Car Audio Terms (Don't understand a word? Look here!):

Do I need 2 Batteries?:

Speaker/Crossover FAQ and Sound Quality Discussion Thread:

Proper Electrical Grounds Guide:

Engine Whine and Group Loop Fixes:
Engine Whine and Group Loop Fixes

Antenna Options:
Most shorty Antenna's do NOT provide as good as reception as stock, however some are better than others.

Internal Antenna - Allows you to shave external antenna!!:
New Antenna

Zzapp Motorsports Antenna:
Zzapp Motorsports Billet Antenna for Neon - ZM5-000

MPX Shorty Antenna:
Modern Performance Racing Products

The Oshawa Antenna:
eBay Seller: srt41320: Car Electronics, Consumer Electronics items on eBay.com

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SRT4 Remote Start, Alarm, and Convenience
Wiring Info
Information provided AS-IS. Myself, SRTForums, and everyone else are not at fault if YOU decide to use this information and screw something up. Please buy a Digital Multimeter and TEST TEST TEST to verify all circuits before you integrate with ANYTHING.

Please notice and understand the 'Notes' provided. Some circuits in this vehicle are not your typical +12v or ground activated switches. There are data buses and multiplexed circuits that control MANY things within the car. Knowing how to properly and safely integrate with these systems is KEY to not damaging anything. Do things wrong and you WILL fry something.

Immobilizer Information

There are multiple companies that manufacture bypass kits that interface with the SKIS/SKIM system securely. Some of the more popular would be DEI's Xpresskit Series, ADS iDatalink modules, as well as modules from Fortin.
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