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Default Questions for the next session

I thought i would post a thread for us to ask questions and see if we can answer each others questions just so only the questions that have yet to be answered get asked.

My question:
Why do our cars gurggle like they do. To my understanding the only thing to make that constant noise would be valve overlay. Isnt that not good for cars? Im not askingabout the back fires i understand that concept just checking up on the whole gurgling situation.
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I got a question im sure someone knows.. How much power can the mopar performance clutch hold???can it keep up with stage 3r...
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A while ago with the debut of the srt-4 and it's factory upgrades, there was rumor of factory made turbo kits for the first generation neon. Was there any truth to that?
We could really use a turbo compatible pcm.
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How does one fix the CEL code P0172. It seems nobody has found the right fix for it.
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Why is the turbo in the back of the engine bay? I hate it there...
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my question would be this, "who is the tard that came up with the intergrated manifold turbo design?"

and also i like to let them know that the stock turbo manifold sucks. it's so horrible that they a 1000 death's. turbo choice was good.. manifold choice. no good.

also like to know the reason for choosing that design. rather then using an already mass produce Turbine Housing we often see in tdo4-15G turbo. (such as the 3000 GT and Stealth) Was making a log manifold too hard for you mopar guys???
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I would like to know about sustained EGT's with S3r in HOM and not in HOM. I travel at 120mph+ for sustained time periods up to an hour. Knowing that HOM advances timing EGT's must also be raised significantly. Are sustained speeds like this going to melt valves?
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Default PT cruiser

will you be coming out with more perfomance products for the pt cruiser gt, such as beefed up auto tranny, stag2, stage 3 etc....

2003 PT Cruiser GT HO, Stage 1, Prototype hardpipe's, maxfab 3" DP, Borla dual's, plastic intake, NGK 4306 @28.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Punch
will you be coming out with more perfomance products for the pt cruiser gt, such as beefed up auto tranny, stag2, stage 3 etc....


^^^^ they are not going to answer that question buddy.^^^^
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Is there any talk for a factory brake upgrade kit? For thoes of us that want the better brake feel and better long term stopping power. not saying the factory ones arent bad but for those of us that have your coilovers are now going faster at the racing tracks might want some better brakes, and would like to stick with factory parts.
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Well, my question is regarding the recommended motor oil for the SRT4. I live in Royal Oak, MI (20 min south of DCTC in Auburn Hills). The manual recommends 5W30 year-round for our climate. What would be the pros/cons to using 0W40 oil? What are the considerations when using it (if any)? I usually allow 3 min of warm-up time. Mobil 1 recommends it for all turbocharged cars.

There is a european theory that this car was developed around 0W40 but most people in North America don't understand what a 'warm up' process is. They just slam the car into gear and mash the gas before it's even started! Thus, why most cars in NA have 5W30 or 10W30 recommended. (Crossfire uses 0W40, but is mfg'd in Europe)

BTW, 0W40 did get rid of my hard-starting issues.

I would jsut like the mfg'r to clear this up, because it's such a unique vehicle to the DCX product offering. THANKS!
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I was wondering if you guys might address the claim about 4 people on this board have made about hydrolocking the engine in small puddles (few inches deep, not feet or anything) while stock. I have to admit I get a little worried when I hear that more than one person has done it stock. So, is this possible or are they lying? and if it can happen as easily as they claim can you please make and release a solution for the few of us stock SRT-4 drivers left.
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Since i was a little late to ask my question the last time, I am reposting this:

Quite a few members reported some water infiltration on the passenger side of the SRT-4 when it's raining heavily (while the car is parked).
The water appears to be coming from the back of the glove compartment. Where can the water be coming from? Any vents or other openings that might cause this? Any reports to DC that there is a trend with leaks on the passenger side?

My Lemon SRT-4.....and what to get next NEED HELP!!
Water Leak!!!! Major!!!
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Why no upgrades for the SRT-6?
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scion + Toyota aftermarket = full warranty/dodge + mopar aftermarket = asshole dealers asshole service(waco dodge sux!!!)........well???
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