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Checking the oil dipstick. Smells like gas!

Recently, I have been having oil consumption problems; I have been going through about a quart every 800 - 1000 miles(It seems this maybe the norm for this car). This was first brought to my attention a couple of months ago when I had my red Oil light in the console come on; after checking the oil, there was none. It had only been 4000 miles sense my last oil change: Mobil 1 is suppose to be good for up to 6000 miles before a change. Going by the recomendation in the owners manual, I would pretty much be out of oil before my next scheduled oil change; this is a joke, but I am not laughing.
Anyways, I have been paying closer attention and now when checking the oil level there is a very concetrated gas smell coming from the dipstick. This could be normal, but my gutt feeling says it's not.
I have done some research and this can be caused by blow; from what I have read the SRT-4 engine may have been designed with a larger then normal ring gap for protection (not sure what).
Does anybody else have this smell and if so how strong?

Thanks for your guys help.

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If you run the car in cold weather, the fuel mixture is richened to warm engine, excess fuel not burned can get into the oil. Also, if you have a car that starts hard-long cranking or has a misfire; the excess gas that is not burned will get into your oil. Oil consumption, I'm not sure My 04 does not consume much atleast not as much as what your stating. BTW, Go ahead and change the oil if the gas smell is still there.

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the fuel smell on the dipstick is normal, all used oil will smell like that in all vehciles, it does not indicate fuel in the oil. The only way to tell if you have fuel in the oil is to have the used oil analayzed. Your oil consumption is borderline excessive though, almost at the point where the dealer should be doing something about it. One quart per 1000 miles is excessive and indicates a problem.

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How many miles on the car? The SRT drinks oil for the first 10K or so. After that, it eats a quart about every 5K (in my case). If it's excessive, take it in on warranty. They'll likely perform a leakdown test and see if your rings are OK. Hows it been running? Any substantial misfires or studdering? Misfires can allow more than normal amounts of fuel into the oil sump, since it's not burned off and actually strips the thin oil layer from the cylinder walls.

While Mobil-1 may be good for 6K (thats what I run) you still need to keep oil in it. I check weekly and keep an extra quart or five around. If you are running extended change intervals, be sure to run a quality oil filter such as K&N, Mobil-1 or Amsoil. The oil can handle many more miles than 3K, but most 'cheapo' filters cannot.

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I have the gas smell too and I burn about a qt. every 3k miles or when i change the oil...I use Royal Purple oil w/a mobil 1 oil filter. I had Psi Fi do a pressure/leak down test on my car and all cylinders were in the mid 160's so pretty healthy. I do drive my car alot and drive it hard, although most of the miles are hwy. If your really worried then go to the dealer and bring it up to them along w/a fresh oil change.
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pull out your dip stick and hold a lighter up to the end with the oil on it. if you see the flame grow then you show worry if not then everything is fine. dont for get the just keeps getting cycled there the motor over and over agian. its going to get a little bit of fuel in it. a very small amout though. i wouldnt worry.
if you do see the dip stick light up then change your oil asap and take to the dealer.
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