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Default FUTURE Chrysler Products - Read & Heed

AllForSRT will be the sponsor of this page....including insiders.

NOTE: Some of the "future" information contained here may be based on rumors and/or speculation, past production trends, a few wild guesses etc. and may not be 100% accurate (although it usually is). As Bob's saying goes, "it's not OFFICIAL until it's OFFICIAL".

"Code" = "Vehicle Body Code"
"Year" = "Vehicle Model Year"
"SOP" = "Start of Production" ("MM/YY" as in 07-06= July 2006)
"EOP" = "End of Production" ("MM/YY" (as in 07-06= July 2006)
"00-00" = Unknown, unconfirmed, or not yet scheduled

2007-up DCX Production Schedule (revised Dec 2006)

Code ?? Year .???. SOP .???.. EOP ??? Vehicle

LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 08-07 ???? 300
LX ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 07-08 ???? 300
LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 08-06 ???? 300 SRT-8
LX ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 07-08 ???? 300 SRT-8

HG ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Aspen (all-new)

PM ???? 2007 ???? 01-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Caliber (all-new)
PM ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Caliber

LC ???? 2009 ???? 11-07 ???? 00-00 ???? Challenger (all-new)

LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Charger
LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 08-07 ???? Charger AWD
LX ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Charger
LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 08-07 ???? Charger SRT-8
LX ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Charger SRT-8

XK ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Commander
XK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Commander

MK ???? 2007 ???? 05-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Compass (all-new)
MK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Compass

ND ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Dakota
ND ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Dakota

HB ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Durango
HB ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 08-08 ???? Durango
HB ???? 2008 ???? 00-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Durango Hybrid

ZC ???? 2009 ???? 07-08 ???? 00-00 ???? Firepower coupe (all-new)
ZC ???? 2009 ???? 01-09 ???? 00-00 ???? Firepower roadster (all-new)

WK ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Grand Cherokee
WK ???? 2008 ???? 01-07 ???? 07-07 ???? Grand Cherokee Bluetec diesel
WK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Grand Cherokee
WK ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Grand Cherokee SRT-8
WK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Grand Cherokee SRT-8

KJ ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Liberty
KK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Liberty (new generation)

LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 08-07 ???? Magnum
LX ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Magnum
LX ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 08-07 ???? Magnum SRT-8
LX ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Magnum SRT-8

RS ???? 2007 ???? 08-06 ???? 05-07 ???? Minivan - St. Louis
RT ???? 2008 ???? 09-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Minivan - St. Louis (new generation)
RS ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 06-07 ???? Minivan - Windsor
RT ???? 2008 ???? 08-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Minivan - Windsor (new generation)

NM ???? 2007 ???? 00-06 ???? 00-07 ???? MMC Raider
NM ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? MMC Raider

KA ???? 2007 ???? 08-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Nitro (all-new)
KA ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Nitro

CS ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Pacifica (Windsor, refresh)
CS ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 00-00 ???? Pacifica (Windsor)
CT ???? 2009 ???? 07-08 ???? 00-00 ???? Pacifica (new generation)

MK ???? 2007 ???? 10-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Patriot (all-new)
MK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Patriot

PT ???? 2007 ???? 06-06 ???? 07-07 ???? PT Cruiser
PT ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 00-08 ???? PT Cruiser

JC ???? 2008 ???? 09-07 ???? 00-08 ???? (all-new Dodge crossover JC49, Toluca plant)

DR ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Ram (SLN/Warren)
DR ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Ram (SLN/Warren)
DS ???? 2009 ???? 00-08 ???? 00-09 ???? Ram (SLN/Warren) (new generation for all 1500/2500/3500)
D_ ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 06-07 ???? Ram (Saltillo) (DR/DH)
DR ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Ram (Saltillo)
DS ???? 2009 ???? 00-08 ???? 00-09 ???? Ram (Saltillo) (new generation for all 1500/2500/3500)
(last model year)
DR ???? 2007 ???? 00-00 ???? 00-00 ???? Ram SRT-10 8.4L/6-spd auto (Saltillo) (cancelled)

JS ???? 2007 ???? 08-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Sebring JSC series (new generation)
JS ???? 2007 ???? 12-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Avenger JSD series (new generation, replaces Stratus)
JS ???? 2008 ???? 02-07 ???? 07-07 ???? Sebring convertible (new generation)
JS ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 07-08 ???? Sebring
JS ???? 2008 ???? 07-08 ???? 00-09 ???? Avenger
JS ???? 2008 ???? 07-08 ???? 00-09 ???? Avenger SRT6 (possibly delay until '09 model year)

ZB ???? 2008 ???? 01-07 ???? 06-08 ???? Viper roadster 8.4L (long model year)
ZB ???? 2008 ???? 01-07 ???? 06-08 ???? Viper coupe 8.4L (long model year)
ZC ???? 2010 ???? 01-09???? 00-00 ???? Viper roadster (ZC series)
ZC ???? 2010 ???? 07-09???? 00-00 ???? Viper coupe (ZC series)

JK ???? 2007 ???? 07-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Wrangler 4-door (all-new)
JK ???? 2007 ???? 08-06 ???? 07-07 ???? Wrangler 2-door (all-new)
JK ???? 2008 ???? 07-07 ???? 00-08 ???? Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited

[POWERTRAIN LIST] - Provided by oh20 [Allpar]

(Revised August 2006) DCX Transmissions
DFG ?.. ?-Speed RWD Auto ?.. JL, K1, KB, KL, WD, WH, WK, WX, WY
DAC ?.. 1-Single Spd ?.. 11, CS, NS, RE, RS, RT
DGC ?.. 3-Spd Auto ?.. A3, CS, J2, J7, JR, NS, P1, P2, P5, PL, PT, RE, RS, RT
DGD ?.. 3-Spd Auto 30RH ?.. T1, TJ, XJ
DGM ?.. 3-Spd Auto 31TH ?.. CS, NS, RE, RS, RT
DGG ?.. 3-Spd Auto 32RH ?.. AB, BT, T1, TJ
DG1 ?.. 4-Spd Auto ?.. FJ, ST
DGL ?.. 4-Spd Auto ?.. A9, CA, CS, CT, FJ, G1, GD, GS, GT, J1, J2, J4, J5, J7, JA, JC, JD, JR, JS, JT, JX, MK, NS, P2, P5, PG, PL, PM, PT, PV, R2, RG, RM, RS, RT, RU, ST
DGX ?.. 4-Spd Auto ?.. CS, L1, LH, PR
DFF ?.. 4-Spd Auto 41TE VLP ?.. CS, G1, J1, J5, JC, JS, JZ, P5, PT, R2, RG, RM, RS, RT
DGK ?.. 4-Spd Auto 42RE ?.. AB, AN, BE, BR, BT, DN, DR, DX, HB, NB, R1, W1, WG, WH, WJ, WK, XK, YK, Z1, ZG, ZJ
DG6 ?.. 4-Spd Auto 42RLE ?.. AN, CT, DR, DS, GM, HB, HC, HD, HG, JK, JL, K1, KA, KB, KJ, KK, KL, L2, LC, LE, LT, LX, LY, NB, ND, NE, NM, TJ, WH, WK
DGV ?.. 4-Spd Auto 42RLE VLP ?.. DR, DS, DT, HB, HC, J8, JK, JL, K1, KA, KB, KJ, KK, L2, LC, LE, LX, LY, ND, NM
DG4 ?.. 4-Spd Auto 45RFE ?.. AB, AN, BE, BR, DC, DN, DR, DX, HB, K1, KJ, KK, NB, R1, TJ, W1, WG, WH, WJ, WK, XJ, XK, YK
DGT ?.. 4-Spd Auto 46RE ?.. AB, AN, BE, BR, BT, BW, BX, DN, DR, DX, HB, NB, R1, WJ, ZG, ZJ
DGP ?.. 4-Spd Auto 47RE ?.. BE, BR, BT, DC, DH, DR, DX
DG8 ?.. 4-Spd Auto 48RE ?.. D1, D2, D3, DC, DH, DJ, DK, DR, DS
DGW ?.. 4-Spd Auto 4RE ?.. AN, DN, R1, W1, WG, WJ, Z1, ZG, ZJ
DGS ?.. 4-Spd Auto AW4 ?.. W1, WJ, X1, X2, XJ, Z1, ZG
DCH ?.. 4-Spd Manual T199F ?.. BT
DCB ?.. 4-Spd Manual T3340 ?.. BT, BW, BX, DX
DCC ?.. 4-Spd Manual Tr3440 ?.. BT
DCD ?.. 4-Spd Manual Tr4040 ?.. BT, DX
DGQ ?.. 5-Spd Auto 545RFE ?.. AN, D1, D2, D3, DA, DC, DD, DH, DJ, DK, DM, DN, DR, DS, DT, DX, HB, HC, HD, HG, J8, JK, JL, KA, KB, KJ, KK, KL, NB, ND, NE, NM, SJ, VA, W1, W2, WG, WH, WJ, WK, WL, WM, XH, XK, XL, YK
DG9 ?.. 5-Spd Auto 58RFE ?.. D1, D2, D3, DC, DH, DR
DGZ ?.. 5-Spd Auto W5A380 ?.. BT, VA, VB
DGJ ?.. 5-Spd Auto W5A580 ?.. CT, CU, DS, DT, HC, HD, JK, JL, K1, KA, KB, KJ, KK, KL, L2, LC, LE, LT, LX, LY, NE, VA, VB, W1, W2, WG, WH, WJ, WK, WL, WM, XH, XK, XL, XM, YK, ZC, ZD, ZH
DGU ?.. 5-Spd Auto W5J400 ?.. CT, HC, LE, LY, WD, WH, WK, WL, WX, WY, XH, XL, ZH
DDB ?.. 5-Spd HD Manual ?.. DX
DDC ?.. 5-Spd HD Manual ?.. AN, BE, BR, BT, DC, DN, DR, DX, K1, KJ, NB, ND, R1, TJ, XJ
DDD ?.. 5-Spd HD Manual ?.. JK, K1, KJ, KK, P5, PG, PM, PT, PV, R1, T1, TJ, X1, X2, XJ
DDK ?.. 5-Spd HD Manual ?.. A9, AN, JK, K1, KJ, NB, R1, T1, TJ, X1, XJ
DDW ?.. 5-Spd HD Manual ?.. BT
DDX ?.. 5-Spd HD Manual ?.. BE, BR, BT, D1, DC, DH, DJ, DR, DX
DD3 ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. GS, JR, RG
DD6 ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. ST
DDA ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. 16, FJ, ST
DDF ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. GS, RG
DDH ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. K1, KJ, TJ, X1, X2, XJ
DDP ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. BE, BR, DC, DH, DR, DU, DX
DDQ ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. AN, DN, JK, R1, T1, TJ, X1, X2, XJ, Z1, ZG
DD2 ?.. 5-Spd Manual ?.. JR, P5, PT, ZC, ZD
DDZ ?.. 5-Spd Manual PB ?.. BT
DD4 ?.. 5-Spd Manual Performance ?.. FJ, J2, JA, JR, JX, P1, P2, P5, PL, PT, ST
DDY ?.. 5-Spd Manual SD ?.. BT
DD5 ?.. 5-Spd Manual T350 ?.. A9, GN, GR, J7, JA, JR, JS, MK, P1, P2, P5, PG, PL, PM, PT, PV
DD7 ?.. 5-Spd Manual T355 ?.. A9, J1, J5, JC, JF, JS, JT, MA, MK, ML, P3, PM, PN, PV, PW
DDR ?.. 5-Spd Manual T850 ?.. JR, JS, PL, R2, RG
DDS ?.. 5-Spd Manual TR3450 ?.. BT, DX
DDT ?.. 5-Spd Manual TR4050 ?.. BT, DX, DY
DD9 ?.. 5-Spd Manual w/ off-road mode ?.. MK, ML
DFE ?.. 6-Spd Auto 61TEM ?.. G1, G5, GD, GT, J1, J5, JC, JS, JZ, ML, P3, PN, PV, PW
DG2 ?.. 6-Spd Auto 62TE ?.. CS, CT, G1, GD, GT, J1, J5, JC, JD, JF, JS, JT, PV, PW, RM, RT, RU
DFB ?.. 6-Spd Auto 62TEM ?.. G1, G5, GD, GT, J1, J5, JC, JS, JZ, PV, PW, R2, RM, RT, RU
DFC ?.. 6-Spd Auto 65RFE ?.. D2, DD, DJ, DS, DT, HB, HC, HG, ND, NE, NM, W2, WD, WH, WK, WL, WX, WY, XH, XK, XL
??? ?.. 6-Spd Auto 68RE ?.. DH, DR
DG3 ?.. 6-Spd Auto AS68RC Aisin ?.. BE, BR, DA, DC, DD, DH, DM, DP, DR, DX, RT, RU
DG5 ?.. 6-Spd Auto MPS6 Getrag ?.. A9, AN, J1, J5, JC, JS, JT, K1, KJ, R1, TJ
DEE ?.. 6-Spd HD Manual ?.. BE, BR, D1, D2, DC, DH, DJ, DR, DU, DX
DEC ?.. 6-Spd Manual ?.. A9, DA, DC, DD, DH, DM, DR, DS, DT, SR, ZB, ZC, ZD
DED ?.. 6-Spd Manual ?.. ZH
DEJ ?.. 6-Spd Manual 238 Getrag ?.. D1, D2, DA, DC, DD, DH, DJ, DM, DR, DS, DT, ND, NE, NM
DEL ?.. 6-Spd Manual 6MTX-LD/MD ?.. GD, GT, JC, JK, JS, K1, KA, KK, MK, ML, P3, PM, PN, PV, PW
DEK ?.. 6-Spd Manual DMT6 Getrag ?.. P3, PM, PN, PV, PW
DEG ?.. 6-Spd Manual G56 ?.. D1, D2, D3, DC, DD, DH, DJ, DK, DM, DP, DR, DU, DX, DY
DEF ?.. 6-Spd Manual HD BG6 Aisin ?.. G5, GD, J1, J5, JC, JD, JS, JT, MK, ML, PM, PN, PV, PW
DEH ?.. 6-Spd Manual NSG370 ?.. GM, JK, JL, K1, KA, KB, KJ, KK, KL, TJ
DEM ?.. 6-Spd Manual RWD Med. Duty ?.. JK, JL, K1, KA, KB, KK, KL
DFD ?.. 7-Spd Auto ?.. CT, CY, DS, DT, HC, JL, K1, KA, KB, KK, KL, L2, LC, LE, LY, NE, WH, WK, WL, XH, XL
DAV ?.. CVT II w/Autostick ?.. A9, MA, MK, ML, P3, PM, PN, PV, PW, RS
DAW ?.. CVT with Off-Road Crawl Ratio ?.. MK, ML, PM
DG7 ?.. HD Auto HDRFE (68RE?) ?.. D1, D2, DC, DH, DJ, DR, DS, DT, HB, LX, NB, WK, YK

[PROGRAM CODES LIST] Provided oh20 [Allpar]
A1- New Yorker, Spirit (1992-1995, export)
A3- Lebaron (1993-1995, export)
A4- Phantom (1992-1993, export)
A9- ?
AA- Acclaim, Lebaron, Lebaron Landeau, Spirit (1989-1994)
AB- Ram van, Ram wagon (1989-2000)
AC- Dynasty, New Yorker, New Yorker Landau, New Yorker Salon (1993-1994)
AD- Ram, Ramcharger D-series (1972-1993)
AF- Pickup, Sport Utility (1993, Mexico)
AG- Daytona, Iroc, Pacifica, Shelby, Laser (1992-1993)
AH- Lebaron GTS, Lancer?
AJ- Lebaron (1992-1995)
AK- Reliant, Aries
AL- Omni, Horizon, Charger, Turismo, Rampage, Scamp GT
AM- Diplomat, Lebaron, New Yorker, Caravelle
AN- Dakota 1st gen (-1996), 2nd gen (1997-2004)
AP- Shadow Sundance, Shadow Convertible, Duster (1989-1994)
AS- Caravan, Town & Country, Voyager (1983-1995)

AY- Imperial (1992-1993)
AY- 5th Avenue (1992)
AY- New Yorker (1993)

B2- Colt, Summit, Vista (1992)
B4- Ram 50 swb & lwb, Ram 50 SE, Power Ram 50 swb
B7- Stealth, Stealth ES, Stealth R/T, 2000 Canadian GTX (1992-1996, import)
B8- Colt, Summit Wagon, Vista (1992, import)
B9- Colt, Summit (1993-1996, import)
BB- Monaco, Premier (1988-1990)
BD- Laser, Talon (1992-1994, import)
BE- Ram, Ram club cab (1994-2001)
BR- Ram cab & chassis (1994-2001)
BT- Ram (2000-2002, Mexico)
BW- Ramcharger (1999, Mexico)
BX- Ram Quad and club cab (Mexico)
CA- ?
CJ- Jeep (1945-1985)
CS- Pacifica (2003-2008)
CT- Pacifica (2008-up - CANCELLED)
CU- Pacifica future gen?
CY- ?
D1- Ram 3500 (2006-2008)
D2- Ram 3500 (2009-up)
D3- Ram 3500 future gen?
DA- ?
DC- Ram 3500 Cab Chassis (2007-2008)
DD- Ram 3500 Cab Chassis 2009-up?
DH- Ram HD Regular & Quad cab (2005-2006)
DH- Ram 2500 (2007-2008)
DJ- Jeep (1955-1982)
DK- ?
DM- ?
DN- Durango 1st gen (1998-2003)
DP- ?

DR- Ram Regular & Quad Cab 3rd gen (2002-2006)
DR- Ram 1500 (2007-2008)

DS- Ram 1500 4th gen (2009-up)
DT- Ram 5th gen?
DU- ?
DX- Ram (2005-2008, Mexico)
DY- Ram (2009-up?, Mexico)
EB- PT Cruiser (replaced by PB, CANCELLED)
ES- Voyager, Grand Voyager (1992-1995, Europe)
FC- Forward Control trucks (1956-1965)
FJ- Talon ESI, Talon TSI (1994, import)
FJ- Avenger, Avenger ES, Sebring LX, Sebring LXI (1995-2000)
GA61- Dodge M80 concept, production version (CANCELLED)
G1- ?
G5- ?
GD- ?
GF- ?
GS- Voyager, Grand Voyager (Europe)
GT- ?
HB- Durango 2nd gen (2004-up)
HC- Durango 3rd gen?
HD- Durango 4th gen?
HG- Aspen 1st gen (2007-up)
HH- Aspen 2nd gen (CANCELLED)
J1- CKD?
J2- Cirrus, Stratus (1998, export)
J4- Cirrus R/T convertible (1998-2000, Mexico)
J5- ?
J7- ?
J8- ?

JA- Cirrus, Stratus (1995-2000)
JA- Breeze (1996-2000)

JC49- Dodge crossover/Chrysler crossover Chinese built, 1st gen (2008-up)
JD- Dodge crossover 2nd gen?
JF- ?
JK- Wrangler 6th gen, Wrangler Unlimited 1st gen (2007-up)
JL- Wrangler 7th gen?
JR- Sebring, Sebring convertible, Stratus (2001-2006)
JS- Sebring, Avenger (2007-up)
JT- Sebring, Avenger next gen?
JX- Sebring JX, Sebring JXI (1996-2000)
JZ49- Chrysler version of the Dodge "crossover." (circa 2010)
L1- CKD?
L2- 300C CKD (Chinese, 2007)
LC22- Challenger (2008)
LE41- 300, Magnum, Charger (Europe)

LH- 300M (1999-2004)
LH- Concorde (1993-1998)
LH- Intrepid (1993-1998)
LH- LHS (1994-2001, no 1998 model)
LH207- New Yorker (1994-1997)
LH- Vision (1993-1998)

LK- ?
LT- ?

LX48- 300, 300C, 300C SRT8 (2005-up)
LX48- Charger, Charger SRT8 (2006-up)
LX49- Magnum (2005-up)
LX49- Magnum SRT8 (2006-up)
LY48- 300, Charger (next gen)
LY49- Magnum (next gen)

K1- Cherokee CKD (2002-2007)
KA- Nitro 1st gen (2007-up)
KB- Nitro 2nd gen
KJ- Liberty 1st gen (2002-2007)
KK- Liberty 2nd gen (2008-up)
KL- Liberty 3rd gen?
MA- ?
MJ- Commanche 1986-1992
MK49- Compass (2007-up)
MK74- Patriot (2007-up)
ML- Compass, Patriot 2nd gen?
NB- Dakota (?)
ND- Dakota 3rd gen (2005-up)
NE- Dakota 4th gen
NM- MMC Raider (2006; 2008)
NS- Caravan, Voyager, Town & Country (1996-2000)
NT- Jeep J10/J20 pickup (1984-1988)
P1- Neon CKD (1998)
P2- Neon CKD (2000-2006)
P3- Caliber CKD (2007)
P5- PT Cruiser (2001-2007, Mexico)
PG- PT Cruiser (2002-2003, export)
PL- Neon, Neon Canada SX2 (1995-2005)
PM- Caliber (2007-up)
PN- Caliber 2nd gen
PR- Prowler
PT27- PT Cruiser convertible
PT44- PT Cruiser 1st gen (2001-2008)
PV- ?
PW- Full size vans?
R1- Dakota CKD (1998-2001)
R2- Voyager CKD (2006-2007)
RA- ?
RE- ?

RG- Caravan, Voyager, Town & Country (2001-2006, export)
RG- Voyager (2007, export)

RM- Minivan (VW version Chrysler minivan)
RS- Minivan (2001-2007)
RT- Minivan (2008-up)
RU- Minivan future gen or export

SJ- Jeep J series (1963-1986)
SJ- Wagoneer (1963-1983)
SJ- Super Wagoneer (1966-1969)
SJ- Grand Wagoneer (1984-1991)
SJ- Cherokee (1974-1983)

SR- Viper (1992-2002)
ST- Stratus & Sebring coupe (2002-2005)
T1- Wrangler CKD?
TJ- Wrangler (1997-2006)
VA- Sprinter (2002-up)
VJ- Willys Jeepster (1948-1950)
VB- Sprinter next gen?
VT- ?
W1- Grand Cherokee CKD WJ (1999-2005)
W2- Grand Cherokee CKD WK (2006-up)
W6- ?
WD- ?
WG- Grand cherokee 2nd gen (1999-2004, export)
WJ- Grand cherokee 2nd gen (1999-2004)
WH- Grand Cherokee 3rd gen (2005-up, export)

WK- Grand Cherokee 3rd gen (2005-up)
WK- Grand Cherokee SRT8 (2006-up)

WL- Grand Cherokee based crossover (cancelled?)
WM- Grand Cherokee 4th gen
WY- ?
X1- Cherokee CKD (1999-2001)
X2- ?
XJ- Cherokee (1984-2001)
XH- Commander 1st gen (2006-up, export)
XK- Commander 1st gen (2006-up)
XL74- Commander 2nd gen (export, replaced by WK75?)
XM- Commander 2nd gen
YJ- Wrangler (1984-1995)
YK- Jeep (?)
Z1- (CKD future use?)
ZB- Viper 3rd gen (2003-2008, no 2007 model year)
ZC- Viper 4th gen (2009-up)
ZD- Viper 5th gen?
ZH27- Crossfire 1st gen roadster (2004-2006)
ZH29- Crossfire 1st gen (2004-2006)
ZG- Grand Cherokee 1st gen (1993-1998, export)
ZJ- Grand Cherokee 1st gen (1993-1998)


Added by Hudson [Allpar]
XL was the next Commander, but that has been cancelled. The next 7-passenger SUV will be a Grand Cherokee (enlarged, I assume) and will accompany the 5-passenger Grand Cherokee (WK74). The European-built versions will be WH74 (5-passenger) and WH75 (7-passenger).

  • CHRYSLER SEBRING VERT - [Apr07] three dufferent engines option, hardtop/ragtop convertible
  • CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY - new design, new engine option. Expect it to be a hit. Will hold a real eight adults this time. No SWB
  • DODGE AVENGER - three dufferent engines option [Feb 07]
  • DODGE [JC49] - new designed entry level CUV [Sep 07]
  • DODGE CHALLENGER R/T - LC23 with two powertrain options [Apr 08]
  • DODGE DAKOTA - refresh design. New interior update. Expect a 3-vlave 4.7 option [290HP]
  • DODGE DURANGO HYBRID - two mode tranny hybrid, refresh design
  • DODGE VIPER GTS [ZB] - refresh, updated engine 8.4ltr 600hp/700tq. Possible a 18-month run [Jan 07].
  • DODGE VIPER Vert [ZB] - refresh, updated engine 8.4ltr 600hp/700tq. Possible a 18-month run [Jan 07].
  • DODGE Minivan - see the Chryser T&C
  • JEEP Compass SRT4 - [new] Same powertrain as the Caliber SRT4 and SRT tuning capabilities added
  • JEEP LIBERTY - the mini Commander look. Updated Desiel 3.0ltr and a new 4.0Ltr.
  • JEEP TRAILHAWK - [new] Based on the 4-door Wrangler platform but with a Cherokee design added.
  • ENGINES - 8.4lLiter V10, [Early release] Phoenix 4.0Liter V6, 6.4Ltr Hemi intro
  • CHRYSLER 300 D - new design. Updated engines
  • CHRYSLER ASPEN HYBRID - two-mode tranny
  • CHRYSLER JZ49 - PT Crusier replacement, new design. No retro. Will get the V6 4.0Liter engine. Share with Dodge entry CUV
  • DODGE AVENGER SRT6 - FWD, 4.0Ltr Turbo 360-400HP/6-Speed [Jul/08]
  • DODGE CALIBER - new platform to share with Stratus. Drop CRV and new optional engine. Expect to see a coupe or a sedan version.
  • DODGE CHARGER - next gen redesign.
  • DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8 - HO model that will reveal new Hemi and Viper 6-speed transmission
  • DODGE DURANGO - next gen design [see concept]. Exterior and interior change out. Design cues from Rampage.
  • DODGE HORNET - new design [see concept]. Expect various offspring from this B-Segment and a Ralley model.
  • DODGE RAM 1500 - new design [Rampage look], new engine will be added.
  • DODGE RAZOR - Based on the B-Segment Hornet. Two seater roadster
  • JEEP GC- refresh design and enlarged w/seven passenger version to replace the Commander
  • ENGINES - Hemi 61.ltr moves down to the R/T level and luxury car, 6.9ltr [new HO engine]
  • CHRYSLER 300 SRT8 - Using the new shortened platform will get the latest new HO Hemi. Design cues of Nassau
  • CHRYSLER CLEO - Hornet based platform lux compact. May reside on the MB A Class platform.
  • CHRYSLER CORSAIR - using the same platform as the Halo cars. Luxury super sport car. V12 quad-turbo designed MB engine.
  • CHRYSLER CHARGER SRT8 - Using the new shortened platform will get the latest new HO Hemi.
  • DODGE RAM 2500/3500/4500 - new design [Rampage look], new engine will be added. HD will get a bigger engine and updated 6.7ltr TD
  • DODGE [D100] TRUCK - Compact truck intro. No name as of yet been release.
  • DODGE VIPER Vert V-1 [ZC] - redesign, updated engine 8.Xltr. V10. Possible cancellation due to poor sales. Will reside on flexible 'HALO' platform that will be shared by both MB, Maybach, Dodge, and Chrysler. [Jan 2009] 700/700
  • DODGE VIPER GTS V-1 [ZC] - redesign, updated engine 8.Xltr. V10. Possible cancellation due to poor sales. Will reside on flexible 'HALO' platform that will be shared by both MB, Maybach, Dodge, and Chrysler. [July 2009] 700/700
  • JEEP TRUCK - compact version intro truck. No name as of yet.
  • CHRYSLER NEW YORKER - Luxury sedan based on the MB S class.
  • DODGE DAKOTA - next gen design [see concept]. Smaller and lighter. Expect a V8 Hemi option..maybe moved up two -years
  • 2007 DODGE RAM SRT10/QC SRT10
* Note: this list is based on media, rumors, and insider information and not be contrude as official from DaimlerChrysler Corporation [AG]

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Godspeed to Ms. Julie Dolan, head of the Chrysler Aspen Design Team. She passed away this year and will go down in the automotive designers anals as the one who started the niche between medium - large sized SUV. The Dodge Durango is a niched SUV between these classes of vehicles sizes.

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Default Rumor update: It's On

HEMISPHERICAL BLOG | BRAMPTON - - It's on! According to our valuable source within the walls of the Chrysler Group, the Brampton Plant will shutdown in latter part of March 2007 for two-weeks in preparation to revamp and test the flexibility of the plant assembly line to introduce the 2008 Dodge Challenger R/T model.

Starting in the first week of April 2008, the Brampton plant robotics and workers will start assembling 30,000 to 50,000 Challenger units.

We did noticed also within the Airfleet webpage, who monitors the different auto manufactures, a place holders was palced underneath the 300-Charger-Magnum without any name. As a last minute thought? Perhaps but according to our corporate source, the placeholder is the LY version of the Challenger and was withdrawn to give Chrysler the edge over General Motors in bringing the car to the market earlier than predicated [Calander year 2008].

As told earlier within Allpar and our valuable source PVOMan, the Challenger will be offered as a two optioned power train for the R/T model within the first year of production. The first option will be the standard Hemi 5.7 Liter engine packed with a Mercedes Benz 5-speed Auto stick transmission. The second option will be offered as a Hemi 6.1 Liter engine with a 6-speed Tremac manual transmission that was borrowed from the Dodge Viper.

Expect a serious dealership markup or just get in line for a model. As told already, the larger dealership on both coastlines will get first dub on the Challenger before others.

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That is so bad ass. Wish I could afford one. It will be interesting to see what the production numbers will be.
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Now the big question, who's going to get them first and the largest allocations? West coast (California) and East coast (Florida) as we saw happen with the SRT4. The feeding frenzy will soon start.
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Default LA Auto Show Preview: Officially Introducing The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

JALOPNICK AUTO NEWS - - After the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid made it through it's adventures in international datelines with merely a pre-embargo scratch -- they're now ready to drop the sheet fully on their new convertible version of the Chrysler Sebring. We'd spill all the deets for you now, but we're tired and it's way too late. Gallery below and full release after the jump. We promise we'll have more for you in the morning. Ray Wert

All-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Tops Segment with Class-leading Innovations and Three Convertible Top Offerings

Chrysler brand reinforces its leadership position as America's favorite convertible company with all-new Sebring Convertible
? Three automatically latching tops, including a retractable hard top, can drop with the press of a button on the key fob
? Spacious interior makes comfortable room for four adults; exceptional cargo room easily fits four golf bags, two golf bags when top is dropped
? Exhilarating performance with excellent fuel efficiency of 31 mpg and Flexible-fuel Vehicle (FFV) engine availability

Chrysler is raising the roof on the convertible segment, introducing the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. This completely redesigned Sebring Convertible is built on the company's new D-segment platform and offers what no other convertible on the road can offer: Chrysler's sleek and elegant design, exhilarating performance with excellent fuel efficiency, a spacious interior that comfortably sits four adults and enough room in the trunk to hold two golf bags, even when the top is dropped.

The all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible also offers what no other convertible has offered before--three automatically latching convertible top options: vinyl, cloth and a first for this new 2008 Sebring Convertible, a body-color painted steel retractable hard top, all of which can be retracted with a push of a button on the key fob. Top that with a standard power hard tonneau cover on all models, and top up or down, Sebring Convertible provides the benefits of coupe and the true open-air freedom of a convertible, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

"America's favorite convertible is now better than ever," said George Murphy, Senior Vice President--Global Marketing, Chrysler Group. "The all-new Chrysler Sebring Convertible offers the unprecedented combination of unmistakable road presence, athletic handling, innovative technologies, as well as plenty of room for people and gear. In fact, the all-new Sebring Convertible is the only convertible in the segment that can pass the two-golf-bag test. The sky's the limit on what this vehicle can accomplish in the marketplace."

The Chrysler Sebring Convertible has long held the honor of America's favorite convertible, solidly leading the segment for the past decade. In fact, Sebring Convertible has earned the title of best-selling convertible in the United States for seven of the past 11 years. The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible is poised to reign supreme when it becomes available in U.S. dealerships in the second quarter of 2007 and in global volume markets in the second half of 2007.

In markets outside North America, Sebring Convertible will be the first D-segment cabriolet for the Chrysler Group to offer both a diesel engine and right-hand-drive availability, thereby equipping the vehicle to become a stronger competitor in the segment.

Elegant Design both Inside and Out, Top up or Down
Chrysler designers looked at the future brand showroom when seeking inspiration for the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. From the original sketches to the production vehicle, the all-new convertible was designed to provide a familial tie to its new sedan sibling, and the resemblance is unmistakable. Beyond that, the convertible stretches the look to create usable space in the trunk when the convertible top is stowed.

"Top up or down, the all-new Sebring Convertible's design captures the essence of the Chrysler brand," said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President--Design. "The all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible's design is a showcase for the expressive, refined, athletic and passionate."

From the front view, the new Sebring Convertible shares many traits with its sedan sibling, including the distinctive face of Chrysler, the brand's signature eggcrate grille and a uniquely sculptured hood that features the Chrysler brand's elegant lines. The Chrysler winged medallion is centered at the top of the grille just below the leading edge of the hood. Large quad headlamps wrap around to the side of the vehicle, where the all-new Sebring Convertible's profile takes on a shape all its own.

The all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible's wheelbase is 2.9 inches longer, and the car is 3.5 inches taller and more than 2 inches wider than the vehicle it replaces. Its overall length also is 3 inches longer than the sedan, which lengthens the side profile and provides enough cargo room in the trunk to hold two golf bags when the roof is retracted. Sebring Convertible's profile is defined by a long hood, a long roofline and a high chrome beltline, all of which give the vehicle a nicely proportioned, elegant greenhouse with the top up. Designers also minimized the width of the C-pillar, improving the convertible's sleek side profile and increasing rearward visibility when the convertible top is up. Sculpted character lines run across the body, underneath the door handles and across the lower bodyside, producing the Sebring Convertible's athletic stance.

From the rear, wide tail lamps are mounted on the corners and deck lid for visibility and visual impact. Rear fog lamps mounted in the backup lamps help maintain a uniform appearance among models sold around the world. Chrome-tipped dual exhaust outputs hint at the Limited model's performance capability when equipped with the 3.5-liter V-6 engine and six-speed automatic transaxle.

World-class Craftsmanship
The all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible's interior features a modern, clean design with intense focus on quality, detail, craftsmanship and execution. Soft surfaces on interior touch points, including the instrument panel cover and door arm rests, complement the convertible's luxurious interior.

Inspired by the Chrysler winged badge, the convertible's center stack features a Chrysler signature analog clock, which is surrounded by dual heating and air conditioning vents. Sebring Convertible's instrument panel also includes a locking glove box that can secure important documents and small items. The center floor console features dual storage bins and a sliding armrest that moves 3 inches to provide a comfortable position for all drivers.

As many as four occupants can experience the new Sebring Convertible's comfortable, roomy interior. Occupants sit 2.5 inches higher than they did in the previous Sebring Convertible model, giving them a command-of-the-road seating position. Rear seat passengers also have plenty of leg and head room, making this a functional convertible that can be enjoyed year round in all seasons.

All 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible models feature a two-tone interior theme with dark and lighter shades of Khaki or Gray on the instrument panel and door trim. The Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited model also features an exclusive Cream and Pebble Beige interior with leather seats. Interior accents include Alloy Silver and chrome on the Sebring Convertible model, Satin Silver and chrome on the Touring model and Satin Silver, chrome and Tortoise Shell on the Limited model.

Thoughtful Attention to Details
The Sebring Convertible's development team paid keen attention to details, finding ways to make life easier for the driver and passengers, while creating a clean design in the process. The result is a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible that delivers many standard innovative and thoughtful features that will both surprise and delight the driver and passenger, including:

  • ? A trunk spacious enough to hold four golf bags when the convertible top is up and two golf bags when the convertible top is down
  • ? Available remote convertible top operation on the key fob
  • ? No manual convertible top latches, as Sebring's new convertible top system automatically latches
  • ? A standard power hard tonneau that neatly conceals each of the three convertible tops when retracted
  • ? Seatbelts integrated into the front and rear seats, which looks clean, enhances seat comfort and makes it easier for passengers to get into the back seat
  • ? Easy-entry rear seat, as passenger seat features slide and memory recline position
  • ? Available remote start that allows drivers to warm up or cool down their convertible from a distance
  • ? An available windscreen that reduces wind and road noise
  • ? A locking glove box that can secure important documents and small items, top up or down
  • ? An available heated/cooled cup holder that keeps warm beverages warm and cold beverages cool
  • ? Available YES Essentials? stain-resistant, odor resistant, anti-static seat fabric
  • ? Rear cupholders that are positioned in the rear quarter panels for easy access by rear-seat passengers
  • ? Passenger seat back that includes a map pocket for storage
  • ? Doors that include map pocket inserts
Exhilarating Performance with Excellent Fuel Efficiency
The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible is available in the United States in three models: Chrysler Sebring Convertible, Chrysler Sebring Convertible Touring and Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited.

Three engine options power the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible sold in the United States: the standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder World Engine, an available Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) 2.7-liter V-6 engine and an available 3.5-liter V-6 engine coupled with a new six-speed automatic transaxle with Auto Stick.

Fuel economy is a high priority for many of today's car buyers, and the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible's standard four-cylinder engine rivals the best four-cylinder engines in the segment. Sebring Convertible's 2.4-liter World Engine with dual variable valve timing delivers fuel efficiency of 23 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 31 mpg on the highway, as well as smooth, quiet operation. Mated to a four-speed automatic transaxle, this new engine provides a 15 percent increase in horsepower (173 horsepower vs. 150 horsepower) and an 8 percent improvement in fuel economy compared with the 2.4-liter engine it replaces.

An available FFV 2.7-liter V-6 engine provides value- and performance-conscious consumers the power of a V-6 engine with a price that compares with the competition's four-cylinder engines. Chrysler Sebring Convertible Touring model's 2.7-liter V-6 engine produces 189 horsepower and 191 lb.-ft. of torque, providing more low-end torque (at an rpm 850 lower) compared with the 2.7-liter engine it replaces. This 2.7-liter V-6 engine achieves 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. It also can operate effectively on any blend of gasoline and fuel-grade ethanol up to E-85.

Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited models sold in the United States also are available with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that produces 235 horsepower and 232 lb.-ft. of torque coupled with a new six-speed automatic transaxle that comes standard with Auto Stick. The combination of the 3.5-liter V6 engine and six-speed automatic transaxle delivers excellent performance and fuel efficiency, as well as smooth quiet operation. Sebring Convertible's 3.5-liter V-6 engine achieves 18 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.


The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible was engineered to have an extremely rigid body structure, which provides its quiet, comfortable ride, devoid of cowl shake, even when the top is down. Compared with the model it replaces, the new Sebring Convertible's body structure is substantially stiffer than its predecessor in bending and torsion--especially bending--due to very large sills. In fact, its new front-wheel-drive architecture and the three-box vehicle design contribute to a body that is 2.5 times stiffer in twist and 1.5 times stiffer in bending than the previous generation convertible. These refinements also make the new Sebring Convertible structure stiffer than other convertibles on the market that cost thousands of dollars more.

A Breath of Fresh Air
The all-new Chrysler Sebring Convertible brings new levels of function and technology to the U.S. convertible segment. Innovative new features include the cutting-edge MyGIG navigation/entertainment/infotainment system, a heated/cooled cupholder, YES? Essentials stain-resistant seat fabric and an available feature every convertible owner will love--the ability to drop the convertible top and all four windows with the push of a button on the key fob. .

"The all-new Chrysler Sebring Convertible does for the convertible segment what the Chrysler 300 did for the large car segment and the all-new Sebring Sedan does for the mid-size sedan segment--it brings innovative, useful technologies to customers," said David Rooney, Director--Chrysler Marketing and Global Communications. "These features make life easier and safer for the driver and passengers, while making the overall driving experience much more enjoyable for all."

The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible features MyGIG, a cutting-edge information, entertainment and safety navigation audio system that raises the bar on in-vehicle communications This best-in-class, next-generation navigation radio features a 6.5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Display with a touch-screen panel that can support 65,000 colors, providing a three-dimensional appearance to graphics and animation, as well as multiple font sizes and styles. The MyGIG system follows voice-activated commands and includes many new features for music, sound, movies and personalized picture displays, including:
  • A 20 gigabyte hard disc drive that includes Music Juke Box for organizing music and pictures on the hard drive
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) provides both MP3 connectivity and downloading of WMA, MP3 and JPEG files onto the hard drive
  • Gracenote database installed on the hard drive, which provides song identification, including composer, artist and title
  • Playlist creation capability to provide easy access to files
  • Voice memo recording, which allows a message up to 3 minutes long to be recorded using the microphone integrated into the rearview mirror
  • Radio screen, which can display movies (when vehicle is not in motion)
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio, which provides customers with more than 125 channels of the best music, entertainment and information coast-to-coast, 24 hours a day. This includes 100 percent commercial-free music, as well as sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather
  • UConnect
  • Hands-free Communication System that uses Bluetooth? technology to provide voice-activated wireless communication between the occupants' compatible cell phones and the Sebring Convertible's onboard receiver. The hands-free option promotes safety, freedom, value and flexibility
Class-leading Safety Features
The all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible also offers a unique combination of class-leading safety features that are designed to keep occupants both safe and secure, top up or down.

A new integrated seat-belt system for 2008 connects all seat belts to the seats, making them more comfortable for the driver and passengers, as well as making it much easier for passengers to get in and out of the rear seat.

Sebring Convertible's safety cage is constructed with dual-phase, high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel components designed to protect occupants in all driving situations. Side-guard door beams help protect occupants in side impacts.

Sebring Convertible's extremely strong safety cage is complemented with standard advanced multi-stage front air bags and standard front-seat-mounted side air bags. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are standard on all 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible models. Electronic Stability Program also is available.

Rising to the Top
The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible competes primarily in the Standard Specialty segment, with some consideration from Luxury Specialty segment buyers in the U.S. market. The convertible portion of the Standard Specialty segment has remained fairly steady over the past 5 calendar years, with an average of 150,000 units sold each year. The convertible segment is expected to achieve steady growth in the near future, due to a trend toward niche vehicles.

In the United States, Chrysler Sebring Convertible is designed to appeal to successful Baby Boomers who want a car for themselves. They love the open-air freedom of a convertible, but also appreciate that the new Sebring Convertible is practical 365 days of the year. These buyers are 40-50 years old, and 70 percent of them are married. They are well-educated and earn a median income of approximately $90,000. Fifty percent are male, 50 percent are female and 60 percent are college-educated. These Sebring Convertible buyers are fun, carefree, classy, friendly, smart and easy-going. The all-new Chrysler Sebring Convertible meets their demands for a vehicle that can do triple duty for going to work, running errands and pleasure drives with the top down.

2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Production
Production of the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible begins in the first quarter of 2007 at the newly refurbished Sterling Heights (Mich.) Assembly Plant. Sebring Convertible's new 173 horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder World Engine is built in the state-of-the art Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) plant in Dundee, Mich. The 2.7-liter V-6 engine and the 3.5-liter V-6 engine are built at the Kenosha (Wis.) Engine Plant.

The World Engine is a family of world-class four-cylinder engines produced by GEMA in Dundee, Mich., delivering an exceptional combination of quality, fuel efficiency, refinement and performance. GEMA is owned equally by DaimlerChrysler Corp., Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Hyundai Motor Co. By optimizing the three joint venture partners' strengths, global economies of scale and the latest practices in flexible teams and machines, GEMA aims to set a new benchmark in engine plant productivity.

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No word on Avenger SRT?
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Quote: Originally Posted by ENapa
No word on Avenger SRT?

Yeah 2009? 2010? Never?

Glad to see the thread back though!!
Still waiting for a 2009 AWD Turbo SRT-6 Avenger...
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Yea! The thread is back
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Avenger SRT6.

Build it DCx.

Hooray for the thread return!

"This car is 100% sh*ts and giggles."
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that sebring reminds me of that vw eos...
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2009.5 Hornet SRT-4 - that is what I am waiting for (and I am apparently going to be waiting a while....)
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YAY! it's back!

That's all I needed here.

/and to subscribe for updates!

2001 Neon R/T. Going through some modifications now.
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Default Next Sebring will offer three different tops

[SNIPPET] The automaker's new convertible will offer three top options -- vinyl, cloth or a folding hardtop -- when it goes on sale next spring. Regardless of the material chosen by the buyer, the Sebring convertible's top will be power operated with automated latches at the windshield header. In open air mode, the top stores underneath a body-colored hard tonneau behind the rear seats....The Chrysler Sebring convertible will also be sold in international markets, where it will be offered with a diesel engine and right-hand drive.
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good lord...the avenger is going to have 380-400hp!? its AWD right? that may need to be my winter ride in a couple of years instead of the next gen sti
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