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  1. HOW-TO: Remove Sunroof Motor
  2. HOW TO: Heater core replacement
  3. How-To: Replace 4th Engine Mount
  4. Building my new car
  5. How-To: Build a Catch Can
  6. How-To: $20 LCA Bushing w/ Spherical Rear
  7. HOW TO: Headliner/ Sunroof Assembly Removal/Replacement
  8. How-To: Build a Clutch Pedal Pivot for $5
  9. How-To: Steering Rack
  10. how to fix a boost leak
  11. How-To: Restore Stock Wheels
  12. How-To: Reupholster Sun Visor
  13. How-To: Steel Braided Clutch Line (Detailed)
  14. How-To: Route AEM Short Ram Intake to Fender
  15. How-To: Make Your Own Electronic Boost Controller
  16. How-To install Greddy Catch Can underneath stock air box.
  17. Help with Booger Bushings
  18. Factory alarm question
  19. Factory alarm question
  20. Help with stuck tire
  21. How To Cancel Auto renewal on SRTForums
  22. Help installing aftermarket battery
  23. Bosch 044 in stock can hoe to ????
  24. How-To: Disassemble/Reassemble Input Shaft
  25. How-To: Remove Pivot Ball From SRT-4 Transmission (without slide hammer)
  26. How-To: Hurst Shifter (w/pics)
  27. How-To: Run BOV w/Purge Valve
  28. How-To: Parking Brake Shoe Replacement
  29. How-To: Fuel Pump Rewire (more reliable, simpler and cheaper)
  30. How-To: Fabricate Stock Airbox for Ram Air Effect
  31. How-To: Make a "shifty"
  32. HOW-TO: Remove Oil Pan
  33. How-To: Add Aux Input to Factory 6 Disc
  34. How-To: Washer Nozzle Relocation
  35. How-To: Heated Seats (Only for Pros!)
  36. How-To: Reinforce Lumbar Foam in Front Seats ($10)
  37. HOW-TO: Change Timing Belt w/ Pics
  38. How-To: Stock Airbox 3" Intake
  39. HOW-TO: One Hour Alternator Install
  40. How-To: Test Wastegate Solenoid
  41. How-To: Braided Clutch Line
  42. How-To: Door Handle Courtesy Lights
  43. How To: Fix HKS SQV Leak Under Boost
  44. How-To: Mitsubishi Evo 8 Turbo in SRT-4
  45. How-To: Fix Throttle Body Leaks (MPX)
  46. How-To: Timing Setup using Cam Fixture
  47. How-To: Innovate MTX-L Wideband Install
  48. How-To: Modify Schroth Quick Fit Harness for ACR Seat Insert
  49. How-To: Drivers Side Axle Seal Replacement
  50. How-To: Mach 1 Front Lip Retrofit
  51. How-To: Remove Transmission Shifter Cables
  52. How-To: Rear Hubs and Bearings
  53. How-To: Install Maperformance Billet Shift Selector
  54. How-To: Swap Ball Joint w/out Removing LCA
  55. How-To: Evo Bumper Mod (Plasti-Dip)
  56. INFO: Diagnosing P0522 Code
  57. How-To: Leak Tester For 10 Bucks
  58. How-To: Replace Shift Linkage Bushings
  59. HOW-TO: Automatic Gauge Sweep
  60. How-To: Connect LEDs in MPx Projectors Correctly
  61. How-To: Install JMB Coldside w/Greddy Type BOV
  62. How-To: Build Homemade Car Ramps
  63. How-To: Install Motor Mount Inserts
  64. How-To: Install Oil Catch Cans
  65. How-To: Fuel Pump Rewire - Solid State Relay (SSR) Version
  66. How-To: Fuel Pump Rewire PTP Style
  67. How-To: Properly Wire HID Bi-Xenon Harness
  68. How-To: Clutch/Brake Pedal Bushing Replacement
  69. How-To: Cheaply Fix TPS Harness
  70. How-To: Ball Joint Removal/Replacement
  71. How-to: Free A/C Delete Mod
  72. How-To: Valve Cover Gasket Replacement *PICS*
  73. HOW-TO: Change Lighting in Stock Radio
  74. How-To: Install Custom Switch Harness/McCord Power Plate
  75. How-To: Install OMP Ring Type Tow Hook
  76. INFO: Make a Dial a Boost Switch (DAB) & Toys
  77. How-To: Front Wheel Stud
  78. How-To: Wire Turbo Timer to Work w/ Car Alarm
  79. Your Section Moderators
  80. HOW-TO: Install Mopar Turbo Toys
  81. How-To: Make/Install Resistor Box for Low Impedance (ohm) Injectors
  82. How-To: Custom Nostril Badge
  83. How-To: Valve Cover Breather
  84. INFO: Links to General Automotive Repairs/Maintenance
  85. How-To: Another Engine R&R
  86. How-To: Remove Transaxle (Service Manual)
  87. IDEA: Use Cell Phone as a Tool
  88. HOW-TO: Oil Change
  89. INFO: List of Tools/Materials/Part #'s for Some How-To Projects
  90. How-To: Nitrous EFI Wet Kit (Universal Install Video)
  91. How-To: Change Head Light Bulbs & Side Markers
  92. HOw-TO 03-05 neon reftro fit
  93. How-To: DCR Oil Flow Modifier
  94. How-To: Shorty Antenna Mod
  95. How-To: Install Throttle Cable
  96. HOW-TO: Install A/C Delete Kit (S&P)
  97. How-To: Wire Up "Trac Off" Light
  98. How-To: Depo HID Low Beam w/ Halogen High Beam
  99. How-To: Solder Properly
  100. How-To: Custom Coolant Reservoir for Big Turbo/External Wastegate
  101. How-To: 2.5" Coldside Pipe < $10
  102. How-To: Nightshade Tail lights
  103. How-To: Install/Remove Aftermarket Radiator (Mishimoto)
  104. How-To: New/Easy Boost Leak Tester
  105. How-To: Defi Racer Electronic Boost Gauge Install
  106. How-To: Hahn 16G-20G Turbo & Port Fueler Install
  107. IDEA: Phone Holder (Free)
  108. How-To: Bleed Clutch
  109. How-To: GM 3BAR Sensors for SCT/DIABLOSPORT
  110. How-To: Replace Steering Wheel (Viper)
  111. HOW-TO: Prothane Race Motor Mount Inserts
  112. How-To: Replace HVAC Sticker for White & Red LEDS
  113. How-To: Home Depot Radiator Pipe
  114. HOW-TO: Adjust Shifter Crossover Cable
  115. How-To: Remove Film From Gauge Cluster (Red or Purple/UV LEDS)
  116. How-To: Baffle a Greddy Catch Can
  117. injector swap?
  118. black housing headlights
  119. How-To: Replace Shift Selector TAB
  120. *INFO*: Sunroof Stuck Open Fix
  121. Motor mount diy??
  122. How to-Manual boost controller??
  123. How-To: Install meth tank and pressure switches
  124. Looking for how to on replacing oilpan...
  125. How To Install Mopar Bov Plate?
  126. How-To: Stock Oil Pressure Sender
  127. i need help [plz
  128. Valve cover gasket replacement
  129. New Clutch?
  130. Need Help With Electric Boost Controller
  131. How do I install autometer wideband?
  132. How do I get paint off FMIC
  133. K&N fix. please help!!
  134. cold air intake polish..
  135. How to: Get rid of rattle coming from rear deck
  136. need help with fan switch mod plz read??
  137. how do i install QTP Downpipe
  138. need help with boost controller on a 50 trim
  139. HOW-TO: Change Timing Belt
  140. throttle body bore
  141. How-To: Turbo Oil-Return Line Gasket
  142. Does any one have the fan swtich mod link?
  143. How to: Flip-flop trunk
  144. Catch Can HELP!
  145. HOW TO:- DIY powder coat wheel finish 40$ (color choices to).
  146. Turn Signal Mod
  147. Transmissions
  148. Need to replace water pump
  149. I need help with my t3t4
  150. Edit posts
  151. HOW TO: Make your own meth/water injection kit
  152. How-To: Molded PVO/AVS Spoiler/ Shaved Lock/3rd Brake Light
  153. How-To: Paint Headlight Housing
  154. How-To: Front Brakes and Rotors Install
  155. How-To: Install Quaife LSD for '03's
  156. How-To: Install Small Battery Kit
  157. How-To: Sea Foam Motor Treatment
  158. How-To: Replace Power Steering Pressure Sensor
  159. How-To: Polish Intake Manifold
  160. How-To: Remove Slop from Shift Linkage
  161. How-To: Apply Vinyl Decals/Stripes
  162. How-To: Repair Damaged Wheels
  163. How-To: Fix Emergency Brake Rattle
  164. How-To: Budget Lightweight Battery
  165. How-To: Hide Injector Harness Wires
  166. How-To: Make Big Oil Filter Kit (for 25$)
  167. How-To: Windage Tray/Crank Scraper
  168. HOW-TO: Install Coolingmist W/I Trunk-Mount
  169. How-To: Install GReddy BOV
  170. How-To: PTP Big Oil Filter
  171. How-To: Big 3 Wiring Mod Upgrade
  172. HOW-TO: Eliminate Stock Solenoids
  173. How-To: Replace Outer Tie-Rods
  174. How-To: Install Fiberglass Eyelids
  175. How-To: Wet Sand Headlights
  176. How-To: Cheaply Replace "Toys" LED
  177. How-To: Night Shade Tails /3rd Brake Light (From Inside)
  178. HOW-TO: Replace Serpentine Belts/Tensioner
  179. HOW-TO: Rewire Fuel Pump (Lower Gauge Wire)
  180. HOW-TO: Remove & Install Cylinder Head
  181. How-To: Install Amp & Subs w/ Factory Radio
  182. How-To: Oil Catch Can & PCV Leak Stop Valve
  183. How-To: Install MBC
  184. HOW-TO: Remove & Install Oil Pump
  185. How-To: Remove Front Bumper/Fascia
  186. How-To: Paint Fog Lights
  187. HOW-TO: Install SAFC 2/SAFC NEO/MSD Tach Driver
  188. How-To: Wire Aftermarket Radiator Fans
  189. How-To: Paint Fog Light Trim
  190. How-To: Tighten E-Brake
  191. How-To: Paint Eyelids
  192. How-To: Link LC-1 to DTEC for AFR Readings
  193. HOW-TO: Non Fouler Mod
  194. HOW-TO: Easily Drain Gas Tank
  195. How-To: Roll Fenders for $15
  196. How-To: Turn K&N CAI Cold Pipe into K&N SRI
  197. How-To: Smoke Third Brake Light
  198. How-To: Save Your Shifter Boot
  199. How-To: Replace Slave Cylinder
  200. HOW-TO: TOB Fix Install Instructions
  201. INFO: AEM EUGO 30-4100 Wideband AFR Manufacturers Instructions
  202. HOW-TO: TPS Repair Kit
  203. How-To: Vacuum Lines Popping Off Fix
  204. HOW-TO: Another Home Depot Lip
  205. How-To: Make Cabin Air Filter
  206. HOW-TO: Replace Stock Boost Gauge w/ Aftermarket Gauge (VEI)
  207. How-To: Modify Your Stock Engine Inexpensively
  208. How-To: Remove Paint from Head/Fog Lights
  209. How-To: Cheap Solid Motor Mounts
  210. How-To: Install MPX 3" O2 Housing
  211. How-To: Triple Stock Gauge Pod
  212. HOW-TO: Remove Door Panels/Mirrors
  213. How-To: Apply Undercoating to Overhang Panel
  214. HOW-TO: Parking E-Brake Adjustment
  215. How-To: Hack & Paint Stock Headlight Housings
  216. How-To: K&N Weak Rubber Elbow Solution
  217. HOW-TO: Make Turbo Toys Harness
  218. INFO: Autometer Mechanical Gauge Instructions
  219. HOW-TO: Install Solid LCA Bushings
  220. How-To: Install Hahn Racecraft Portfueler
  221. How-To: Fuel Pump Kill Switch
  222. **** SRT-4 / Neon Service Manuals ****
  223. How-To: Stock Gauge Pod next to Boost Gauge
  224. How-To: Prevent Water Leaking into Passenger Floor
  225. HOW-TO: Swap Seat Covers (Air Bag/Leather)
  226. How-To: Install A-pillar Gauge Pod w/o Using Stock Cover
  227. HOW-TO: Build/Install/Tune Map Clamp
  228. HOW-TO: Remove Engine
  229. How-To: DIY Fuel Return Line
  230. HOW-TO: Install Battery Temperature Sensor Fix
  231. INFO: TurboXS Knocklight Instructions
  232. How-to: Another Fuel Pump Rewire
  233. HOW-TO: Brake & Rotor Install
  234. How-To: Change Engine Oil
  235. How-To: Fabricate Stock Cold Side Pipe for Aftermarket BOV
  236. HOW-TO: Brake Boost FTW!
  237. HOW-TO: Remove Shift Selector
  238. How-To: Another Fan Switch Mod
  239. How-To: Yet Another Catch Can & CAI Breather Routing (1-2 Cans)
  240. HOW-TO: NHRA/ IHRA Approved Battery Relocation
  241. How-To: Fuel Gauge Kit (No Cutting)
  242. How-To: Tune Cam Gears
  243. How-To: $8 Hot Side Hard Pipe
  244. How-To: Spray Tint Tail Lights
  245. How-To: Another Trunk Plug Install w/Parts
  246. HOW-TO: Install/Tune AEM Tru Boost Gauge
  247. HOW-TO: ACT Clutch / Flywheel
  248. How-To: Bypass Clutch for Remote Start
  249. How-To: Retrofit Hid Projectors
  250. How-To: Install a Foward Motion E1 Turbo