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Originally Posted by smithkey08 View Post
1) How does Pennzoil Ultra compare to Mobil 1?

2) The factory recommendation for my 2004 Neon SRT4 is Mobil 1 5w-30. I do a few track days and autox events throughout the summer as a novice and my car is all stock parts, nothing fancy. Do I have anything to gain by switching to Pennzoil Ultra 0w-40 (the new factory recommendation for SRT vehicles)? Or would it be comparable to using Mobil 1 5w-30?

3) Building on the last question, if you do recommend switching to the Pennzoil Ultra 0w-40; how does that compare to Mobil 1's 0w-40 offering? What are the differences in formula? Mobil 1 markets theirs as their "European formula" where as yours was developed alongside the SRT engineers. Which would be the better choice?

Thanks for taking the time to answer any of my questions.
1) For Chrysler SRT engines Pennzoil Ultra 0W-40 motor oil is the clear choice of Chrysler as this oil was co-engineered by Pennzoil formulators and Chrysler engineering to get the most out of SRT engines. When looking for direct comparisons between Pennzoil and Mobil 1; Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra SAE 5W-30 keep pistons cleaner than Mobil 1 5W-30. For more information, go to Motor Oil, Synthetic Oil, Transmission Fluid - Pennzoil. Most important though is to always use the recommended viscosity grade and performance level when selecting your engine oil.

2) Pennzoil Platinum motor oil would be more comparable to Mobil 1 in SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade, yet still provide cleaner pistons than does Mobil 1. Pennzoil Ultra SAE 5W-30 motor oil exceeds Mobil 1 in piston cleanliness. Either of these oils would make a great step up from the oil you are currently using. Please remember to always follow the owner’s manual for viscosity grade and oil quality recommendations.

3) Pennzoil Ultra offers a Pennzoil Ultra SAE 0W-40 SRT motor oil specifically for Chrysler SRT engines, we also offer a Pennzoil Ultra Euro SAE 5W-40 motor oil specifically for VW, BMW, MB and other European engine makes. The oils are very different (because the engine needs are very different) and should be used as intended. The Pennzoil Ultra SAE 0W-40 SRT motor oil is specifically tuned for SRT engines according to Chrysler engineering standards and was tested and formulated for that purpose, thus this oil offers many advantages required for SRT engines. Sorry we can’t offer formulation details, but this oil was made specifically with your car in mind. I would suggest that you stay with the viscosity grade recommended in your owner’s manual.
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