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Originally Posted by jim mcveigh View Post
I have used Mobil 1 since 1987. That said, I am open to any synthetic oil that is comparable. I am now using an additive called ZDDPlus to add the anti ware additives that the Federal government mandated be removed. The governments claim, for the removal, was the earlier oil formulas with the increased additive package was reducing the life if the catalytic converters. My question is;what have you done with the Pennzoil additive package that would bring the ware components back to where they were (SF) before the government mandate.
Thank you in advance,
Pennzoil Ultra 0W-40 motor oil exceeds the demanding API SN and Chrysler MS-12633 specifications. Specific to your question, modern engine oils provide all of the wear protection required by current engine hardware. Changes in formulation are always made in full consideration of what the engine demands, therefore rest assured that modern oils will be just for your car. The use of supplemental oil additives may upset these carefully crafted formulations and cause other problems with your engine we do not advise their use. Specifically ZDDP additives can damage your catalytic converters, harm the environment and void the warranty on the catalyst life. Further, modern engine oils are formulated with a new and different kind of ZDDP compared to those used just a few years ago, more reason not to add anything to the mix. The only time you would possibly need a ZDDP boost is if you have altered the engine with a high profile camshaft and stiffer valve springs, in that case we offer racing oils with high ZDDP levels built in to better protect racing set-ups. Pennzoil Racing 25W-50 motor oil is designed for this specific case.
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