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Pennzoil Enginners Q&A Session

Hello SRT Forums Members from the team at Pennzoil.

At Pennzoil, we’re car people. We love cars and the role they play in our lives. Some of our most cherished memories are made possible by cars. That’s why we tirelessly pursue the latest advances in oil technology - to provide car lovers just like you with state-of-the-art motor oils that can help keep engines running strong for a long, long time. At Pennzoil, motor oil is our passion, but cars are our way of life.

Recently, we introduced the new Pennzoil Ultra™ 0W-40 synthetic motor oil, created alongside Chrysler Group engineers specifically to keep SRT engines running clean. The advanced, co-engineered formulation was the result of months of collaboration between Pennzoil scientists and Chrysler Group engineers to develop a motor oil that provides the performance that SRT owners have come to expect from their high-tech engines.

We recognize that SRT owners understand the importance of performance and craftsmanship like few others. They know clean engines are more efficient, better protected and perform at the demanding levels SRT engines are designed to operate at.

With that, we are happy to provide to you an opportunity to have your motor oil related questions answered by members of the Pennzoil and SRT Teams.

We greatly appreciate the interest that has been shown in our new product and would like to show our commitment to enthusiasts like all of you. Beginning today, with this post, we have opened a special thread for all of you to submit your questions to our team.

The thread will be open for question collection until October 29th. At that time, we will gather the questions posted and spend the next week answering as many as we can before providing you answers on November 16th. We are extremely excited to be able to do this, and we have only a few requests:

  1. Please use this thread ONLY to submit questions, and please keep commentary or feedback on the product to the other areas of the site. Many members of the team do visit from time to time and always note feedback.
  2. Please understand that there will be some questions that we will not be able to answer. We can not divulge any proprietary information and can only speak from our areas of expertise.
  3. Please understand that we will not and cannot comment or speculate on the products of our competitors.

Thank you all for the understanding and enthusiasm.

Please ask any questions you may have as our team consists of marketers, engineers, formulators from our R&D group as well as SRT team members. Some of the members answering your questions will be:

Bree Sandlin
Pennzoil Global Brand Manager

Suzanne Clerkin
Pennzoil Associate Brand Manager

Dr. Robert Sutherland
Pennzoil Technology Manager

Dr. Allie Falender
Shell Technology Manager

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